About Us

Beth with Kiko and Georgy Girl.

We are members in good standing with the French Bulldog Club of Southern California

We are currently located outside of the Atlanta, Ga area.  We moved here for Beth's work and so far it has been a good move for Beth and especially the dogs.  What we love about Georgia, is this area is very dog friendly.  Properties are larger and a barking dog does not seem to bother anyone.  Color us Happy!


Like other  Frenchie breeders we fell in love with the French bulldog hook, line, and sinker! That's right, once you bring a Frenchie into your life it will never be the same!  My name is Wendy and, together with my partner Beth,  we cater to all our Frenchies wants and needs.   That's Beth in the picture to the left, taking care of Kiko and Georgy, making sure  their folds are kept clean.

Our love affair with these frog dogs began when my daughter purchased a Frenchie named Mooby Moo.  She gets very excited when Grandma (that’s me) visits.. She has a long story, so we decided to give Mooby her own page.   You can learn more about this sweet Frenchie by  just following the arrow and clicking the link here ---->. Mooby's page

We fell head over heels in love with Mooby and soon had a Frenchie of our own.   As our interest in these wonderful dogs began to bloom, we went from our only Frenchie Kiko to welcoming several Frenchies into our lives.

From there we became hooked on dog shows and began showing our dogs. Five years later we’ve welcomed our first two litters. 

Though it seems like yesterday, it’s been nine years since French Bulldogs entered our lives and our hearts. We are amazed at the things we are continually learning about showing and caring for these little Frog Dogs.


They are our lives and we joyfully cherish every minute we have with them.