Coolio's Pedigree

Coolio has been health tested for Heart, Patella, and JC.

Coolio's dad Bullistik Grand Marnier Le Reve


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Le Reve's Cool Grand aka Coolio or Cooly got his name from his father Grand Marniner.  You can order a drink called Cool Grand made of course with Grand Marniner.   Grand marnier is part of the Bullistik Cinco de Mayo 5, consisting of 5 puppies born on this date.  Each one of the 5 brothers and sisters are named for an ingredient used to make a margarita in honor of this date.  Cooly is the spitting image of his father.  He tops out at 28 lbs just within the French bulldog standard.   Most of his weight I would think, goes to his huge head piece.

Coolio or Cooly as we have nick named him is a loving frog dog and a big boy who is just a big ol baby.   He loves his people and loves his girls.  

His favorite activities are hanging out on the living room chair,  getting his tummy scratched, and rides in the car.