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As the web designer for the French bulldog club of Southern Calif. I have compiled a lot of useful information supplied for them on their site regarding French bulldog issues.

I did not personally create this information but it is accurate. Providing this information on our site, just makes it a little easier for those visiting here to  to have this information all in one place.  

French Bulldog Club of So California

General Health Issues
French Bulldogs certainly have their fair share of “health Issues”. Despite all of the French Bulldogs possible illnesses, they are one of the healthiest breeds.

Possible issues of concern in French bulldogs are the following:

  • Brachycephalic syndrome
  • Von Willebrand’s disease
  • Megaesophagus
  • Everted third eyelid
  • Cherry eye
  • Thyroid disease.

Note: As a result of the compacted airway of the French bulldog, they may develop an inability to effectively regulate temperature. While a regular canine may suffer to some degree from the heat, to a Frenchie it may be lethal. It is imperative that they be protected from temperature extremes at all times, and that they always have access to fresh water and shade, as they are a brachycephalic breed.

The French Bulldogs have recently been banned by several commercial airlines due to the numbers that have died whilst in the air, due to the brachycephalic disposition.  This is because dogs with snub noses find it difficult to breathe when they are hot and stressed out.

French bulldogs can also suffer from an assortment of back and spinal diseases, most of which are probably related to the fact that they were selectively chosen from the dwarf examples of the bulldog breed.  This condition is also referred to as chondrodysplasia. Some breeders feel that only dogs that have been x-rayed and checked for spinal anomalies should be bred from.

Common sense suggests that dogs which have received surgery or treatment for elongated soft palate, cleft palate, stenotic nares, ME or tracheal collapse should not be bred from, no matter how many other redeeming qualities they may have as examples of the breed.

There are no ‘screening’ tests for healthy breathing in French Bulldogs, other than the common sense and responsible attitude of the breeder. The amount of suffering and unpleasantness which these conditions can cause cannot be over emphasized. Breathing impairments are one of the number one causes of death (including death by intentional Euthanasia) in French bulldogs.

Finally, that cute little button nose on your Frenchie needs loving care from time to time, even if their breathing is perfect. The skin can dry out and crack, and scales of dry scabby looking tissue can develop on it. The simple application of a Vitamin E capsule split open and liberally applied will keep your dog’s nose looking healthy, shiny and kissable.

*Health information provided by Carol Gravestock*

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