Heat Stroke

Heat Stroke

The shorter breathing system of the French Bulldog is also what puts them at a definite risk for heat stroke. The shorter airway (or lack of a longer muzzle) = less possibility of cooling the air which the dogs draws into its body.

Never, EVER underestimate your dog’s susceptibility to heat stroke.

Limit their exposure to temperatures which you might personally find only mildly hot

Be mindful of your dog’s proximity to hot pavement.  Don’t walk them down the middle of the street if there is a shaded sidewalk or grass area.  It is best to take them out in the mornings and late afternoons if the weather is hot.
NEVER leave your Frenchie in a locked car in even leukwarm weather

Never leave your Frenchie outside in weather that is questionably too warm for them.  Always allow them lots of access to fresh water, shade, and cool areas to escape from heat. Keep a water sprayer with you on your outings to spray them down if it begins to get hot.

Frenchies love to play and run.  Be aware that while meetups and dog parks are fun, Frenchies can run into trouble if left to run and become overheated.  Watch for red ears, and gums…that mean’s that your dog needs a time out, or it’s time to leave.

  Do not use Ace as a anesthetic..