Joey's Pedigree

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Meet  PacificStar's Kokomo Joe aka Bubba, Bubba Jo or just Joey.  Maybe even Hoss.  Son of Georgy Girl and Erik.

This guy is huge.  We keep watching him grow and wonder when he is going to stop!  Something inside me says, don't part with him because he may just turn into a prince.  I have seen Frenchies change beyond recognition from what they were like as puppies.  Right now he is in his ugly duckling stage, so we wait.  

He has taken a huge place in my heart,  his sister Chynna was not feeling well for a couple of days, and while she slept he sat guard over her and never left her side.  He loves and needs lots of attention.  There was a commercial once that fits him to a tee.  "You can call me Ray, or you can call me Jay...." and so goes Bubba, always the first to come out of the crowd and say love me, love me.  and we do.

We doubt that he will ever make it into the ring, based upon his size and our waiting for him to evolve, so for now....we wait.


Of Georgia

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