Kiko's Pedigree

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This is our beautiful Golden Girl Kiko's page.  Even though her name is Kiko, she happily responds with great glee and vigor when we call out "Kiko Doodle Doo!"  Be forewarned however, If you do that, you had better be prepared for a total facial of intense licking.  Her ear's go back, her body wiggles, and she just wants to love you and be loved back!  Not a hard thing to do. 

Kiko is the Matriarch of the family...Often referred to as Queen Kiki,  she takes her job very seriously and everyone needs to understand that she is the last word around here.  If Kiko is in the mood to play then the entire kingdom is allowed to partake.

Kiko is our very first French Bulldog, and purchased solely as a pet.  Who knew what a firestorm of changes she would bring to our lives?Two years later by some devine intervention, we ended up with her little sister Georgy!  Same father different mother.  It's hard to tell,  whether Kiko loves Georgy or tolerates her, Georgy can be a handful.  It is heart warming to see that they do seem to love to cuddle up.

Since we don't show Kiko her page is our celebration to her and her awesomeness.  Please enjoy.  She is the light of our life.  

Thanks go out to my friend Shelley of Shel-e's French Bulldogs for this beautiful girl and her firecracker sister Georgy.