Mooby is 5 years old now and she is the absolutely the most awesome little dog you would ever hope to find.  She is sweet, expressive, smart and a personality that goes on for days.  My daughter and son-in-law are blessed with Mooby, and Mooby is also very blessed to have found her way into their family.   Mooby comes from a "back yard breeder" that apparently  knew nothing about  breeding, and even less about breeding French Bulldogs.

A knowledgable, ethical breeder will make every attempt to better the breed.  Not so in Mooby's case.  Unfortunately for Mooby it seemed to be more of a money issue, and poor Mooby is suffering the consequences. She suffers from several genetic diseases that require a lifetime of medical care consisting of her horrible allergies, hip dysplasia, syringomyelia and primary ciliary dyskinisia. The latter has resulted in 11 bouts of pneumonia during the first 5 years of her life.  Mooby is a fighter and my daughter and son-in-law are totally tuned to Mooby's medical needs. My daughter  just listens to her breathing pattern by counting the seconds between individual breaths to determine if Mooby is about to come down with Pneumonia.

This is our Mooby Moo. I say "our" because we all love her so much and we are grateful to have her in our lives.  Mooby doesn't live here,  she is with her mom and dad,  who happen to be my daughter and son-in-law.  We are, however,  the proud grandma's who cherish our quality time with Mooby when her parents are on vacation :)

Not to scare anyone, but so far Mooby's medical bills have totaled over $30,000. If it were not for my daughter's caring and good fortune to be reasonably employed Mooby might not be here today.

With Mooby in mind,  we feel that no dog should have to go through this and no person or family should have to endure these emotional and financial hardships at the hands of bad breeding.  We have done a lot of research regarding these dogs and are aware of the types of health issues that can plague this breed. We set out to learn about the health issues and to make sure our choices when breeding are strong informed choices that will produce a healthy, happy, friendly frenchie.

As you move your way through our site. Hopefully you will enjoy what we have put together and you will learn about these great little dogs and what to watch out for. We encourage you to contact us at anytime with questions.

Oh and by the way....notice the logo?   It's dedicated to the little dog that started it all for us.

We love you Mooby Moo.

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