Jade 5 mos.
Jade 5 mos.

 Jade is home now with Ingrid and Steve

Jade has found her forever home with our good friends Ingrid and Steve.  For those of you that know us and know Ingrid and Steve.  Ingrid and Steve run the West LA and the Ventura French Bulldog Meetups.  I cannot tell you how excited I was when Ingrid, said she was thinking about Jade when I jokingly said she could go home with her to spend a week there.  Long story short, Jade went right home with her that very afternoon.  

Jade is living the life of a princess and has a new BFF as well with Pharaoh.  Pictures to update as they come in.



4.5 mos

Earle is now known as Igor-Beans and he has found his forever home with Melissa and his new big sister Lily, an absolutely adorable Pug.

It's official, Earle has been snatched up by a wonderful new Frenchie Mom named Melissa.  He too will have a new BFF, named Lily.  Lily is the cutest little black masked fawn pug, with some of her bottom toofer's missing that makes her twice as cute when you see her smile.  

Earle, and Lily immediately got along, the introduction was easy and within minutes Earle looked like he had lived there for years.  They spend a couple of hours together, first outside then in the back yard and finally she invited him into her house and shared her toys, and couch and kitchen with him.  Put the paw on him to let him know she was the queen, and then play ensued and it was a done deal.  


Wilbur now lives in Santa Monica,

Calif with my daughter Melissa, 

Son-in-Law Damon and Mooby!

Wilbur was born with a hair lip and a hairline cleft Palette.  He was the biggest of the litter and everyone seemed to be doing just fine.  At some point Wilbur started to lose hold and was not nursing as well as the others.  He started losing weight and we were afraid we were going to lose him.  We bottle fed him long enough so that he could start to eat solid food at 3.5 weeks.   Poor guy was so hungry.  The turning point for him was when he started to eat the solids.

Melissa and Damon came out and spent several weekends with the puppies trying to decide which one best suited them.  

Wilbur has continued to grow and looks great.  He is a lovely boy.