Stenotic Nares

Stenotic Nares
Stenotic Nares (constricted nostrils) occurs exclusively in brachycephalic dogs. The cartilage that helps to shape the nostrils is too soft. As the pup breathes in, the nostril collapses, restricting or shutting off the air flow, making breathing difficult and labored.

In severe cases the pup’s chest becomes flattened. There is a nasal discharge that can either appear as watery or foamy, breathing is labored and accompanied by snorting.

When excited or active they tend to breathe through their mouth. This excess laboring in order to bring oxygen to the lungs puts additional stress on their systems, and with reduced air flow they tend not to thrive.

These dogs should be treated surgically as soon as possible. Treatment normally consists of removing a portion of the nasal cartilage to enlarge the nostril openings.

  Do not use Ace as a anesthetic..