Health - Tracheal Collaspe

Tracheal collapse
Tracheal collapse is the name given to a syndrome in which the rigid structure of the trachea becomes weakened. This weakened area collapses due to external and/or internal pressure created during activity, thus interfering with normal respiration.

The weakened area becomes irritated. Since coughing and respiratory exertion can cause further irritation, clinical signs will worsen and the condition can become self-perpetuating.

Tracheal collapse may occur alone or in association with another airway disorder (most often chronic bronchitis). A chronic “honking” cough can be an indication of this condition.

In some cases the cough can become so severe that the animal behaves as though there is something caught in its throat. Other indications of this disorder include:

  • Breathing difficulty
  • Tiring easily
  • Exercise intolerance.

Mild cases often respond well to cough suppressants and stress reduction (reduce intense exercise and excitement).
These dogs can live long and healthy lives and in more advanced cases surgical correction may be necessary.